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Scandi Interiors

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

We have always loved the minimalistic, clean, and spacious design of the Scandinavian


But what exactly are Scandi interiors?

Scandi interiors are all about creating a visually appealing, simplistic open space that feels calm and

comfortable. They tend to be very light and airy and use lots of light colours to help bounce

light around the room and make it appear spacious and bright.

We wanted to create a feeling of space, calmness, and cosiness in the cabins. Which leads

on to our name, ‘HYGGE.’ Our name comes from the Danish word that is pronounced ‘Hue-

Gah’ and our aim was to produce a space that creates calmness, comfort, and contentment

for a happy and enjoyable stay.

Its heart is about simplicity. Nordic homes tend to have clean, simple lines that come

together to create beautiful, uncluttered spaces that feels fresh and tranquil and allows the

design elements to speak for themselves.

Scandi interiors

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